#BOOKFILLER – The Anti-heroes

Two different series I’ve read and both leaving behind the kind of feeling that makes you think and wonder. Perhaps the first felt more like idle fantasy. Or maybe not idle. But it was a book that provoked thought and emotion and had me tearing and feeling the same way as I did when reading books by Terry Brooks. 

The second however, was something that left me feeling… I wouldn’t say lost. But it was a sad feeling in some ways despite the author’s intention for his reader to remember his anti-hero yet hero, in a blazing light. 
What are these two series?
Sarah J Maas – Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight
Mark Lawrence – Broken Empire trilogy
I think anti-heroes are like the in-thing. There is no such thing as the pure goody two shoes protagonist. Even knights have their failings and in these books, there were plenty of it. The best books in some ways are the ones that paint a picture of the lead in a light that is most similar to all of us, to its readers. We have our own dark secrets. We harbor dark dreams. 
I’ve been to sites discussing the anti-hero of Mark Lawrence’s books. People agree to disagree and most times views for it. Maybe they are the puritans who can’t find how someone as broken and twisted and warped as Jorg can ever be hailed and deemed a true hero when he is far from it. What hero kills, or believes that the deaths of even innocents justify the journey to a glorious end. By wasn’t that what conquerors and dictators believed in as well? 
That he did allow for a hero or potential hero to be one of pure heart but that is a wishful ideal held by so many and yet so hard to ever come to light. 
The first book had me thinking that Jorg is something short of a genius, a prodigy. A madman trapped one the skins and wrappings of a fourteen-year-old. No child in this day and right mind would be able to complete nor confess to accomplishing things that he has. But it is all fiction no? What if fiction were mirrors to reality?
In any case I would have talked about Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight. But for another time. Having just completed the last book in the Broken Empire trilogy and I find myself exhausted. So much emotion tied to words and only words. 

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